Pierre Huyghe Performance at the Sydney Biennale


On Thursday, Jul 10, Art21 artist Pierre Huyghe (Season 4) will discuss the thoughts and processes behind his work including his latest project for the 2008 Biennale of Sydney, A Forest of Lines. The conversation with Biennale Artistic Director, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, begins at 5:30pm.

A Forest of Lines begins midday on July 9 and runs through midday July 10 at the Sydney Opera House. Featuring music by Laura Marling, the piece has no beginning and no end, no division between stage and audience, and no specified direction or path. Recommended viewing time is 10-15 minutes per person.

The website describes the piece: “From the entrance at the top of the hall, you see a valley obscured by clouds. Someone is walking between the trees and singing. Her lyrics draw the audience, who are wearing headlights, into the forest. Her song tells of how to find a way out. By tracing the experience from the Concert Hall back to the nurseries and the growers of the trees, back to a real place elsewhere, the song teaches us how to reach a special place in an Australian forest.”

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