Sugimoto and Tryon at the Freer Sackler

Dwight William Tryon, “Sunrise,”

Hiroshi Sugimoto, “Sea of Japan/Oki II”, 1987. Gelatin silver print on paper. Courtesy Arthur M. Scakler Gallery.

On view through January 25, 2009, the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery exhibits 22 pastels by American landscape painter Dwight William Tryon (1849–1925) alongside six black and white photographs by Hiroshi Sugimoto (Season 3) from his series “Seascapes.”

Seascapes: Tryon & Sugimoto is the first exhibition since the Freer Gallery of Art opened in 1923 that presents works from its American collection with works from outside the museum walls with works from the collection of the adjoining Sackler Gallery. According to the press release, “Although the works are separated by history and medium, they are linked by a common subject—the sea—and by formal resonances that encourage leisurely contemplation and quiet comparison.”

View other works in the exhibition here or visit the event calendar for related programs.

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  1. Love Hiroshi Sugimoto’s work, totally mind blowing,

    Great site by the way.


  2. Jeff Jankiewicz says:

    I had to go see this exhibit for a paper for my Japanese Art History class and my mind was blown as well. Sugimoto had succeeded in making me feel empty and depressed to have wasted my time going to the Sackler Gallery to see his exhibit. I have, also, a presentation to do on Sugimoto for my class and will not be saying ANYTHING positive about his ‘work’ at this exhibit. He was successful in wasting my time, time I could have spent with loved ones and I’ll never see that time again. All I can do now is present him in class, hand in the paper and hope to never come across another artist like him. If you want to see a good digital artist, I recommend

    I also admire the work put into creating this site to be what it is.


  3. Calzone J says:

    These pastels are really deep, loved em. Thanks for taking the time to share!


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