About the Art21 Magazine

As part of Art21’s array of programming designed to illuminate the creative process, the Art21 Magazine provides a space for insightful writing on contemporary art and artists. Regular columns, original editorial features, exclusive videos and interviews, and previously unpublished content from Art21’s rich archive all mirror the organization’s approach to stimulating critical reflection. Published six times per year, each issue of the magazine is devoted to a single theme. The Art21 Magazine, which was previously the Art21 Blog, is available exclusively online.


  • The Art21 Blog launched in July 2007, in conjunction with the fourth season of Art in the Twenty-First Century.
  • In 2013, the Art21 Blog underwent its third and most significant redesign and was at that time renamed the Art21 Magazine.
  • To date, a group of regular contributors and a rotating cast of guest writers have published over 3,300 blog posts and articles.
  • The site’s monthly readership averages over 55,000 visits.


To pitch the Art21 Magazine, email the Digital Content Editor at magazine [at] art21 [dot] org. Include two writing samples (PDF files only). We are currently seeking articles for our June/July issue, “Future.” Deadline to pitch is April 11. Due to the volume of emails, we can only respond to submissions we are considering for publication.


  • Alchemy of Inspiration explores the nature of inspiration and the intersection of artists’ lives and work. Written by Jessica Lott.
  • Art 2.1” surveys art in a digital context. Edited by Jonathan Munar, Art21’s director of digital media and strategy.
  • Center Field: Art in the Middle” covers art in Chicago and other parts of the Midwestern United States. Written by Caroline Picard.
  • Copy That!” focuses on art law and copyright issues in visual art. Written by Joy Garnett.
  • Gastro-Vision” is dedicated to all things food in contemporary art and visual culture. Written by Nicole J. Caruth, Art21’s digital content editor.
  • Gimme Shelter” explores contemporary performance. Written by Marissa Perel
  • New Kids on the Block” features up-and-coming artists in and around New York City. Written by Jacquelyn Glesiner.
  • No Preservatives: Conversations about Conservation looks at the conservator’s role in preserving art in the twenty-first century. Spearheaded by Richard McCoy.
  • On View Now” features reviews of current exhibitions, paying special attention to the New York art scene. Written by Max Weintraub.
  • Queer Berlin” surveys Germany’s queer arts culture. Written by Ali Fitzgerald.
  • Teaching with Contemporary Art” is about the things that happen when educators share Art21 with their students. Spearheaded by Joe Fusaro.
  • Word is a Virus” is a rendezvous point for two mutually exclusive yet intimately connected practices: art and the written word. Written by Carol Cheh.
  • Weekly Roundup” provides the latest news about Art21-featured artists, including upcoming exhibitions, lectures, awards, and media coverage. Compiled by Nettrice Gaskins.


Art21 invites an artist, critic, curator, educator, or other professional to contribute to the Art21 Magazine for two months. Residents respond to the current theme, sharing their interests and research, working through new ideas, and experimenting with writing as an art form. Art21′s online writing residency developed out of the Art21 Blog guest blogging program.